Wednesday, August 15

Flags of Color

  The last Saturday of Summer 2012 Kerplunk! was a day for making flags. 
And that's exactly what we did! We also learned about adinkra symbols from 
West Africa and stamped them on our flags. They were even more 
colorful with sparkles, sequins and beads that were added.  
Hope you had a great summer with us and we will see you again soon. 

Thursday, August 9

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls Everywhere!

We had so much fun making beautiful yarn dolls! There were warrior girl dolls, karate
boy dolls and even an octopus doll with colorful embellishments of beads, 
sparkling tinsel, and gems. Next week we will make flags and learn about 
adinkra symbols. Come and have fun with us!