Wednesday, February 29

Wings !!!

Hello all! Oh man we sure had fun this past Saturday at Kerplunk! Check out these wings!!! So many lovely families worked together to make sure the wings were a success. Most added tissue paper in the cut out holes of the wings to create a colored light affect. Some people added feathers, other silver tinsel. All I have to say is they were fantastic! I would also like to highlight an older student who made a great negative space charcoal drawing based on Tim Scofields machines. He did a great job!

See you this Saturday for time machine hats!

Tuesday, February 21

Mobiles in the Air!

Hello families and welcome back to Kerplunk! Yeah! 
What a great first class back. 
Our theme for this session is flying, coinciding with the Tim Scofield exhibit Toys and Relics. I don't know about you, but I think Tim's flying machines are quite magical, and we created a bit of that magic in today's class. Families made mobiles with spinning objects, beads, and beautiful objects. Check out the beautiful results below.

See you all next week for the project Dreaming of Flying
You will create wings and become a flying machine yourself!