Saturday, March 31

Mark Your Calendar- Summer Kerplunk!

Hello families! Mark your calendar with these Kerplunk! dates. I will keep you posted on project ideas and themes.  I do see some very cool sunglasses in your future!!

Summer Kerplunk! July 14th to August 11th
Still Saturday, noon to 3
Until then- Keep Cool !

St. Patty's Day

 Hello families! Hope you all enjoyed our sunshine class on St. Patrick's Day. We have really had some nice weather. For this Irish holiday we decided to make celtic knot inspired necklaces. We talked about how the knot represents family, friendship, and infinity, among other things. It was great to see a little St.Patrick's Day celebration going on outside.
As this was our last Kerplunk! for the season, keep posted for summer dates! 

Monday, March 12

Dream Catchers

Hello all! Last weeks Kerplunk! was full of beautiful art and charming wishes! We made dream catchers. Families took a look at the Kelly Bell exhibit in the main gallery and were inspired by her dreamy ideas. With our dream catchers you could wear them as a necklaces, or hang them in your room. The final projects are quite magical. Families used lots of feathers, confetti, and wrote their wishes inside. It was a great class!

See you all next week for our final Kerplunk! of this season. Were going to be making "Everything Green". You will become a green jewelry designer for St. Patrick's day.                 See you then!

One sweet wish!

Sunday, March 4

Time Machine Hats

Hello families! You've got to check out these time machine hats! They have more gizmos and gadgets then you have ever seen. We had hats with golden buttons, metal wands on the top, and some were even tied with balloons! Oh man, I hope families really watched out for each other, I'm not sure where these hat may take you!

It was so nice seeing returning families and meeting new ones.
 We will see you all back this coming Saturday!