Saturday, July 23

One Hot Kerplunk!!! July the 23rd

Everyone survived the heat today, making some cool art. Today our project was the Little Big Show. We checked out all the great artwork in the Big Show, and chose or favorites. Then we made our own show, but mini. I think next year the two shows should be together because our mini art gallery's turned out great. Just check them out yourself!

Thursday, July 21

Kerplunk! July 16

At this past week's Kerplunk! class, families did a scavenger hunt in The Big Show exhibit. They searched for everything from flamingos to roses to abstract art to photographs. After they'd fully explored the art work, they decorated picture frames for their own beautiful art work! Take a look at some of the examples. Hope to see you next week!

Sunday, July 10

Kerplunk! July 9th

Welcome back Kerplunkers!! I don't know about you all, but I had great time Saturday. Just check out these wonderful pictures. Next week we will be doing a scavenger hunt based on The Big Show. Tell neighbors and friends, we hope to see you next class!