Sunday, July 29

Little Galleries

Imagine creating your very own gallery and fill it with your favorite art! Well, that is exactly what we did this Saturday at Kerplunk! Children came with their families, toured the The Big Show Exhibition, and spent the afternoon creating their galleries with lots of colorful pictures, sculptures, flowers, trees and sky. We all had a great time.

Next Saturday we are going to make yarn dolls! And, of course, we will have a lot of fun!

Sunday, July 22

Last Saturday Kerplunk! was filled with all kinds of surprises. First, families visited the Body as Monument exhibition in our Amalie Rothschild Gallery to explore how many different ways bodies can move and be created. Then the fun really started with paper, pens, markers, jewels, beads and gems. Dolls, monsters, and funny creatures sprung forth with lots of fun and laughter. 

Please join us this coming Saturday when we create our own little art galleries.  See you there!

Saturday, July 21

Happy Sunny Days to you all! Everybody needs at least one great pair of sunglasses
 and that's exactly what we made this Saturday. We provided the sunglasses, jewels, gems, feather and beads. All the kids and their parent provided the creativity with wonderful, stylish results. We had a great time!