Tuesday, November 22

Identity Accessories at Kerplunk!

Last Saturday, November 19th, we had an amazing and fun time at The Patterson during Kerplunk! Participants made accessories that expressed their identities. We created shields, hats, crowns, arm bands, necklaces and more! Check out the images below to see all of the creative ideas and see how much you can learn about the person wearing the accessory.

There are three weeks left for the Fall 2011 Kerplunk!, we hope you will join us next Saturday 12pm-3pm.

Monday, November 14

Making Microphones at Kerplunk!

Thank you to everyone who came out for a fantastic first day of our Fall 2011 Kerplunk! Inspired by the new exhibition Unreliable Narrators, we created microphones so that we all had a way to tell our own stories. Participants made beautifully decorated microphones - check out the pictures below to see them for yourself.

Make sure you join us next week Saturday, November 19th, 12pm - 3pm at the Patterson to make Identity Accessories!